How to find your perfect wedding photographer

September 2017

Wedding photographers all have different styles and approaches to photographing a wedding. In this article, I give some ideas on how to choose a photographer that is right for you.

Modern wedding photographer at Buxted Park

Finding a wedding photographer

The first thing I’d like to say is take your time. Like finding your perfect dress or dream venue, it’s important you take some time to find the wedding photographer whose style and personality is just right for you and your day.

Wedding photographer recommendations

There are loads of great wedding photographers out there who offer packages to suit all budgets and styles. You may know friends who have recently tied the knot and can recommend someone. This certainly is a great place to start. If possible, ask them to share their full wedding album with you so you can see the photographer’s coverage of the whole day. Your friend will hopefully love the fact you asked as no doubt they’ve been dying to go through them one more time. Just add wine and chocolate to make a night in of it :)

You may know friends who’ve recently tied the knot and can recommend someone.

Documentary style wedding photographers

Not everyone loves being in front of the camera. I for one prefer being behind rather than in front of it. The very thought of such a big occasion as your wedding day can sometimes make even the most extrovert of social butterfly’s recoil to the darker recesses of a room. The idea of holding a perfect grin for hours whilst you stand for a zillion group shots in front of an audience can make you feel numb. You’d far rather be chatting over a drink to your guests with your new spouse at your side. If this is how you feel, then you may find that a documentary photographer, who has a more unobtrusive approach, works better for you.

Modern wedding photography

I am one of a growing breed of wedding photographers who try and approach a wedding like the amazing, one off event it is. I will document the story of your special day. The love, the relationships, the gestures, glances, the unique moments that make your wedding day yours, and only yours.

Often it’s the spontaneous, unnoticed moments that are the most beautiful and moving.

Beautiful wedding photos

I won’t interrupt your conversations asking you to turn around and smile for the camera every 30 seconds. You get to enjoy your day. I'm there to anticipate great moments and then capture them for you to enjoy time and time again. In fact, often it’s the spontaneous, unnoticed moments that are the most beautiful and moving.